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The most common questions are answered below. Please review our FAQs before contacting us.

Still have questions after reading the FAQ?

  • Is (dog name) available?

    Dogs in our Foster Program are listed on the Upcoming Dogs page and not yet available for adoption. Once available, they will be moved to the Available Dogs page and we’ll begin accepting applications. If we have enough applications for a particular dog, we’ll remove his/her name from the Adoption Application drop-down. Once the adoption process is complete, he/she will be moved to the Alumni page. Please check these pages for availability questions.

  • When will (dog name) be available?

    We do not have have predetermined dates for availability of upcoming dogs. Every dog in our foster program has goals they must complete before they are ready to be adopted into their forever home. Once those are completed, they will be listed on the available dogs page.

  • I live outside of the 350mi DFW radius. Can I still adopt?

    We do not adopt our dogs outside of the 350mi Dallas/Fort Worth radius. We have many years of rescue experience, and through the years, we’ve found that families are eager to pickup but not as eager to bring back if an emergency should arise. We must have volunteers close enough to transport them safely back to us. Also, we require a home visit to ensure your home is safe and a perfect fit for our dog. In the best interest of the dog, NO EXCEPTIONS are made to this rule. Thank you for understanding!

  • I have or know a doodle in need. What should I do?

    We’re here to help you rehome your doodle or help another doodle in need. Please fill out the Rehome page or contact us if you have any questions.

  • Can I apply for a dog under Upcoming Dogs?

    No, we only accept applications for dogs that are currently available for adoption.

  • Will you notify me when a dog becomes available for adoption?

    Please check our Available Dogs page on the website for the most current list. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for frequent updates on available dogs. We are unable to notify you individually.

  • Why is an available dog not an option on the Adoption Application?

    If the adoption team has enough applications for a dog, they will remove his/her name from the drop-down. Once the screening process is complete, and the dog is placed, that dog will be moved to the Alumni page.

  • Why did an upcoming dog never become available for adoption?

    In certain circumstances, dogs find their forever home prior to becoming “available.” If a foster has fostered 3 or more times, they do have the option to apply to adopt their foster dog. Many other situations come up, such as finding the original owners of a lost dog. Our #1 goal is to find the perfect forever home for each dog and sometimes that happens unexpectedly as every situation is different.

  • What if the dog I adopt doesn't end up being a good fit?

    Once the dog is placed, the first 2 weeks are considered the trial period. If for any reason the dog is not a fit for your family, we will fully refund your adoption fee and that dog goes back into our foster program. No refunds after 2 weeks.

  • How much is your adoption fee?

    The adoption fee ranges from $150 – $650. The adoption fee depends on age, size, and breed.

  • Will I be notified if my Adoption Application isn’t selected?

    Yes, everyone will receive an automatic response if not selected. Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to personalize each response. Please allow up to 3 weeks.

  • I have small children. I live in an apartment. Will I be selected?

    Every dog is different. All of our dogs stay in our foster program for a minimum of 2 weeks, some as long as 6+ months if they require extensive medical care or behavioral modification. This allows our team to get to know the dog and find the best possible home for him/her. Your application will not be rejected because of young children and/or living in an apartment, however, it may not be the right environment for every dog.

  • Can I meet one of your dogs?

    If your adoption application is selected, our adoption team will arrange a time for you to meet the dog you have applied for.

  • Can I adopt a dog I foster?

    Fostering should not be used as a “shortcut” to adoption. We need reliable fosters to help rehabilitate our dogs and prepare them for the many families who have been patiently waiting to adopt. Fosters can apply to adopt their third foster dog, however, are required to go through the same screening process as every other applicant. There are some exceptions, and this is made clear when we are seeking a foster. If your foster is an option to foster-to-adopt, you must be screened and approved by our adoption team.

  • What is a Valley Dog?

    Valley Dogs are rescues from shelters in the South Texas Valley region near the Mexico border. These shelters generally have high kill rates due to overpopulation and low budgets. Valley Dogs require a 21-day quarantine in a dog-free foster home to ensure they are healthy for adoption. You are allowed to foster-to-adopt a Valley Dog, pending application approval.

  • I’d like to donate dog-related supplies. Who do I contact?

    We are always looking for wire/collapsible crates, unopened food, and other dog-related items. We cannot accept hard plastic crates, used dog beds, towels, blankets, or sheets. Please email us at: donation@doodlerockrescue.org

  • What is your EIN for donations or gift matching?

    DRR’s EIN is 81-5169762